Saturday, March 27, 2010


Oh, how I love a baby.

The far off sound of cooing perks up my ears and has my eyes scanning a crowd for a tiny cuddlebug.

I love getting on a baby's level and playing, talking and otherwise interacting with these soft, fresh creatures who are just learning the ropes of how things go on this side of the womb.

In about a week, I'm going to get to meet the most precious baby in my world - my darling niece Nora. In honor of this monumental occasion (and the arrival of GOP Big Wig's THIRD baby - any day now!!), I thought I'd share with you this captivating trailer.

The documentary, Babies!, tracks four babies born in different parts of the world (Mongolia, Namibia, Tokyo and San Francicso) from birth to their first birthday.

Focus Features releases the flick Mother's Day weekend - I may just have to sneak a peek.

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Anonymous said...

I love playing with Babies myself! My favorite is when my girls were small and they just had a bath and they would lay on my shoulder. I liked to rub my face on their soft head!

I saw that trailer when I went to the movies recently. Looks cute.

Congrats on the niece! (To be)

Mae Rae said...

That is a cute trailer. Congrats. I miss the baby years.

Ara said...

Congrats on having a new baby in the family soon! :) I miss having babies in my family. I'm not married, nor am I seeing anybody, so me having a baby will be not in the near future. My brother and his family aren't having any more kids. :( I miss having babies around.

That trailer looks really really cute. :) I hope it comes to a theater near me so I can go see it.