Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am white knuckling it on my carousel horse, waiting for the ride that is my life to come to a screeching halt.

This week has been a bit more insane than usual (is that possible?), with me burning the candle at both ends several days in a row this week.

I don't mind burning the candle on the back side of my day - but this early bird crap is, well, for the birds.

The thing is, I am learning about and hearing from so many interesting people - so I guess it makes it all worth the uber early cattle call.

On Tuesday, work required me to visit several off-site locations for photo shoots I'd arranged with some of the city's most influential people. Dr. Karen Bankston, VP of The Drake Center, and Michael Fisher, President and CEO of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center are both receiving awards from my employer. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with these folks and am grateful they indulged a bit of my creative vision.

*** *** ***

Wednesday morning was early - well my version of early is anything that starts at 7:30 AM, considering I am sometimes still chowing down on my Special K and getting my fix of Robin Roberts and Sam Champion at that time of morning. No matter, the bright and early appointment was the monthly Cincinnati Social Media breakfast, with this installment featuring the adorable and quick witted gals of Cooking With Caitlin.

Whew, these gals are a force.

Their preso focused on how they use social media to create and promote a brand, which they've done quite successfully in the span of three years. Starting by selling Caitlin's cookies to everyone and their mother, these ladies now have a successful monthly foodie event, radio show, weekly newsletter and television gigs.

Ain't that amazing? And who better to revel in this success than three Ursuline girls? (Confession: I am still bummed my family had to relocate after I spent my freshman year at UA - it is a fabulous institution and I wish I had the chance to finish out there. Que sera...)

*** *** ***

Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of people from Cincinnati's emerging technology industry. Did you know our little Queen City is becoming a Silicon Valley of the Midwest? A variety of startups are putting down roots within the I-275 beltway, and I was excited to get to meet some of these folks.

The event was sponsored by CincyTech and the City of Sharonville, both are huge supporters of the Third Frontier initiative, which aims to grow Ohio's tech industry. In May, Ohio voters will consider an issue that could renew the Third Frontier program, thereby supporting the Buckeye State's economic interests and helping more people start their own tech-based businesses.

I highly suggest you read more about the issue and consider how it could make a significant impact in Ohio's economy and the variety of technology endeavors that could emerge here.
*** *** ***

Thursday morning involved a trip to Xavier for the Williams College of Business and Women of Excellence Distinguished Speakers Series. Karen Wells, '89 XU grad and Vice President of Strategy and Menu, McDonald's USA, talked to a hearty crowd about diversity in the workplace and the story of McDonald's success.

A Youngstown native, Wells scored a basketball scholarship to Xavier. She beamed with pride as she talked about her years on the Evanston campus, and how she is already issuing a full court press to encourage her young children to attend XU.

Wells gave some great insight on how a company can be a global leader and celebrate many successes (it's diversity of all kinds at the top!). The talk was thought provoking, and I was very lucky to get to hear her pearls of wisdom.

*** *** ***
This evening, I'm about to meet up with my fellow CincyPAC board members to discuss a few plans we have in the works. This year is all about advocacy and reaching out to membership, both current and future, to educate them on issues that are important to Cincinnati.

This year's board is chock a block full of truly brilliant people; I can't wait to see what ideas emerge from this group.

After CincyPAC, I'm heading south of the Ohio to have dinner with Bluegrass Brit and Mr. G. to discuss their amazing adventures in the wild of South Africa. From what I'm told, they snapped 2500 photos on their honeymoon - exploring the country's wine region, safari in a game preserve, and time in Cape Town. Bluegrass Brit managed to finagle some special opportunities while in SA, including dining at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Cape Town, and she has indicated she's interested in sharing some of those stories here on the blog.

I can't wait!

*** *** ***
Friday caps off the week with dinner out and about (Restaurant Week! Jean Ro? Local 127? Daveed's? So many options...) and then tickets to the ballet. The Cincinnati Ballet is performing to Mozart's Requiem - something that sounds truly remarkable to me. In another place and time, I was once an accomplished singer of sorts, and I've had the pleasure of performing the Requiem. It is a haunting, powerful piece of music, and I can only imagine it will be even more spectacular set to the graceful movement of ballet.

God, I sound so culture vulturey, don't I?

*** *** ***
Who knows what adventure Saturday will bring.

I am bummed I will be missing the monthly Cincinnati Women Bloggers meeting at Covington's Bean Haus (10 AM). This month's meeting is less lecture and more meet-and-greet, something that always goes over big with a gaggle of gals. If you're a blogger, or considering making the leap to bloggerdom, I highly suggest you hook up with this group. It's a great way to network with other female bloggers around Cincinnati, and also learn some of the emerging trends in blogging/social media.

And we always have a good time, to boot.

I'm missing the meeting because I've been asked to participate in a photo/video shoot for Watch This. Alex and Allison are pushing to watch the AFI's Top 100 films in the span of one year, and many local venues are hosting weekly viewing parties. This is a great way to catch an old, beloved flick or take in a movie that's new-to-you, as well as meet some really freaking cool people from all over Cincinnati.

This video shoot is at an undisclosed location in town (hint: I think smoking jackets and twin sets are de rigueur here), and I may even break out my big-as-a-spaceship sun hat for the occasion.


If you've seen me, chatted with me, tweeted with me or texted and have noticed I'm a bit disheveled - the above itinerary is just an overview of the chaos that has become my life. This doesn't even begin to explain the crazy/insane/fun workload I've got cooking at the office.

Life is crazy. You know that, so why do I bother trying to explain it to you, right?

See you on the merry-go-round.
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