Monday, March 01, 2010

Hurrah for Hollywood

I've always been a character.

Even as far back as 1979-1980, I lived a jet set life. There I was, three or four, plotting my next great trip to Japan.

With my husband Dumas.

Who was from Africa.

Dumas was my imaginary friend, er, husband - my travel partner who joined me in the spectacular pursuit of passport stamps and Play-Doh artistry.

Later, dress-up with my sister would involve artfully draped scarves, costume jewels, handbags and Nana C's Spectator pumps. I think our time with Nana (and the frequent viewing of Days of our Lives) led to story lines with high drama. We would yell for imaginary butlers and strike the most pretentious of poses - hands on hips with ring fingers thrust out.

This was around, oh, eight years old.

I've always had a flair for the dramatic. I've worn saran wrap tube tops, sparkly red "Dorothy" ruby slippers and bike chain choker necklaces (all as an adult).

I guess I like getting in to character - and I've always prided myself on being a social chameleon.

This affinity for crazy scenarios translates into a fierce passion for the movies.

My Netflix subscription sends me three movies at a time - sometimes they're thought provoking examples of cinematography. Other times they're colorful, fluffy comedies that tickle me right in the ribs.

Whenever I go to a movie theater, I entertain the idea of sticking around for a sneaky double feature. The insane ticket price (remember when going to the movies cost a five spot?) somehow leads me to legitimize the prospect of breaking the law - especially around Oscar time.

This year's Academy Awards is serving up ten best picture nominees. I've seen four of the ten pictures and am dying to see several of the others (although James Cameron can have his Avatar).

I'm excited because this year I'll be watching the big show from People Working Cooperatively's Oscars After Party. My friend Shannan asked me to serve as a host on behalf of PWC, one of her clients at Wordsworth Communications. I am familiar with the good work PWC does in the community - they help low income, elderly and disabled people who are struggling to complete repairs on their own home - and just couldn't say no.

The after-party will be a fun way to do some good while watching the big show and mingling with a crowd of folks dressed to the nines. The evening includes delicious bites, specialty cocktails, dancing, casino games and a private Oscars viewing room.

And here's the fun part. I'd love to invite you to the party as my guest!

I have the opportunity to give away a pair of tickets to the after party (8 PM at the Carew Tower Arcade), a $40 value.

Here are all the ways you can enter to win:
  • Leave a comment on this post, telling me which movie character or movie star is most like you
  • Tweet about this blog post/contest (just be sure to leave a comment in this post telling me you did so)
  • Subscribe to my RSS feed, and leave a comment on this post telling me you did so
I'll be picking the winner Friday morning, oh, around 8 AM or so.
Good luck to all of you! And if you don't win, I hope you'll buy tickets anyway and join us to support this worthy cause.

I'll be the one dressed like a movie star.

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Michael E. Rubin said...

While I'd love to say I'm a cross between Lawrence of Arabia or Captain Kirk (fearless explorer types who crossed boundaries and great frontiers), I am probably closer to Jake Blues from "The Blues Brothers." I'm prone to singing at a the drop of a hat, am passionate about what I do, and originally from Chicago.

Unknown said...

Unlike Michael, I would never say I was a cross between anything that involves William Shatner. Just a personal policy.

Have a 16-year background as a professional actor, I can tell you from experience that I am most like Jim Carrey. Only I have far less hair.

I'm great with physical comedy, quick witted (and at times dim witted), most people think I'm funny; yet I have the type of personality that you either think I'm hilarious or just outright stupid. I try not to crossover into "offensive".

The character I'm most like is Ace Ventura. Always investigating, a bit acerbic, and "It hurts being this good".

Finally, in a shameless plug, my wife's birthday is the weekend, so it would be something cool for her. She's a former professional singer.

And I tweeted this as well. Double-down.

Colin Talcroft said...

That's "HOORAY for Hollywood" :)

Anonymous said...

As a single white female, I'm obviously most like best supporting actress nominee Monique - because its been hella long time since I've shaved my legs! But I promise to bust out the Bic & Barbasol for the party. And now I'm on my way to tweeting this...

TGirsch said...

Apropos of not much, I have a friend named Dumas who lives in Cincinnati. But he's not from Africa, and he's decidedly NOT marriage material! :)