Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waisting Away

I would be downright lying if I told you I got skinny.

But if my pants (and the daily look-at-myself-naked-in-the-mirror) are any indication, I am decidedly slimmer.This phenomenon started revealing itself several weeks ago, and my doctor confirmed it last week.

I've lost about 13 pounds since mid January.

Considering I went to San Francisco for a Restaurant Week-based trip a few days after that initial weigh in, I'm guessing I've actually lost about 16 pounds.

Not exactly chump change.

I haven't been on a scale in five days, but I know I've been extremely good since then, and by "extremely good," I mean:
  • Eating breakfast every morning (usually Special K and skim milk)
  • Taking my Metformin every morning (I'm not diabetic, but I do have insulin issues)
  • Consistently working fruits and veggies into my diet
  • Relying on treats like fat free cocoa instead of other decadent sweets
  • Restricting my alcohol intake during weekdays
These aren't hard and fast rules, but these are probably a good representation of what I'm doing to trim calories/fat out of my diet.

Next, I plan on working more water into my diet and creating a regular walking program. The weather is turning, after all, and I plan on taking advantage of the sunshine.

No one's gonna steal my sunshine, and thanks to this weight loss, I'm walking on it.

This is a blog post I wrote for the Cincinnati Losers blog. Head over there to check out my weight loss stories, as well as a variety of other inspiring posts from my fellow, wonderful Losers. - Kate

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Britteny said...

COngratulations, Kate! This is no small feat!

Jay said...

Congratulations! You're inspiring me to pay more attention, too!

Anonymous said...

I found your 13 pounds.

Kelly said...

I'm working on more veggies and less alcohol too! My secret for more veggies involves huge tureens of vegetable soup. Frozen in individual portions, it is easily carried to work.

Also V8. Love me some V8.

My alcohol-free beverage of choice: club soda with lime. Festive!

Ara said...

Congratulations!!! I've found that when eating veggies, baby carrots are my friend. :) They are crunchy and they are kind of sweet too. :) Keep up the awesome work!

Sophia said...

Congrats on wt loss.I became a huge water drinker when I dropped 45 lbs in late 80's (I'm ONLY 5'2") I'd yo yo'd for 30 yrs prior to that.

I finally watched/learned of carbs/AND the glycemic index. Drank water instead of diet pop (fake sweeteners make the brain THINK you've had sugar and can cause insulin issues in some people, but I digress)

I drink plain water or add slice of Orange in it. Lime & lemon get old for me. Few slices of orange is great. Make pitcher of water and add slices of fresh oranges! Pretty, too.

Also I drank alcohol during that weight loss time but did ONLY lite beers or liquor with water/diet cokes (watch the sweet drinks)

I drank Scotch (kerosene to NON Scotch drinkers :-D ) & water or Absolute Vodka over ice with orange slice, and splash of water.

I'm hear to say you can have your drink and lose weight too if you watch total blood sugar spiking foods (sugars/carbs) :-D

Good luck. It's all about babysteps.