Thursday, August 05, 2004

Always the Bridesmaid...

My left hand is feeling decidely naked today. Bare and almost embarrassed about it... longing for the days when a winter glove would cloak my singleness from the rest of the world.

Has God forgotten me?

Silly girl, I should know better than to think that!

Even still... for some reason today I am very conscious of just who's married, and who's not. The big rocks (and not so big) jump out at me like little obnoxious talismans reminding me of my oneness.

(The above, by the way, is my dream diamond, or a similar design of. It's from the most fabulous site ever... It's not too pretentious, I think. It's a 1.5 carat old mine cut diamond (of which you can get a bigger diamond at a more reasonable price) set in an antique Edwardian platinum setting, studded with 44 single cut diamonds. This lil' firecracker will set you back 65 hundred big ones, but it's worth it for the right girl, in my book.)

This is spot in the post where I would say "hint, hint" if there were someone special.

But there's not.

I keep reminding myself that I need to be patient, that God has a perfect plan for me, a One True Love I am destined to spend all eternity with. You know... the guy that'll give me butterflies in my tummy? The one I'll be content to turn in all my chick flicks and tubs of rocky road for? The one I want to kiss good morning when I wake up, and the one I want to kiss goodnight when I go to sleep.

There's a great article I included a link to above about marriage, and waiting for the right one. Mary Beth Bonacci says in it that Adam could do nothing to speed up the arrival of Eve. Instead, he had to wait until God was ready to give the gift of companionship. God's the one orchestrating my true love, deciding when I'm ready (as well as my future mate.)

Bonacci makes a good comment though, about how if you were looking for a job... you wouldn't just put it all in the hands of God. You'd send out some resumes, fill out some applications and do some networking.

I guess the same can be true about finding true love. Chances are, if you're hanging out in bars, you're not gonna find it. Besides, the people there can barely string two cohesive sentences together, much less show interest in a cute girl (if I may say so my self.) But the guys in the coffee shops, the book stores and bible studies, now that's where true love hides.

I spent so many years kissing toads in bars, that now I'm dying to make up for lost time. I hear the echo of my biological clock ticking (tick... tick... tick...) and the calendar pages whoosh by as they hit the floor... speeding on towards my 28th birthday.


My mom was married with one child when she was my age.


My 24 year old sister just got married last month.


A high school friend is getting married this weekend.


One of my friends is trying to have a baby with her husband.


Will someone please, for the love of God, hit that damn snooze button?

Ladies Against Feminism has a great section for single women who are waiting to get married. Now I don't want to offend all my Women of the World sisters, but I myself am willing to make my life a partnership with another man. Not surrendering, more like incorporating.

Anyone wanna go into business?

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Chris F. said...

Well, I'm almost 32 and still single. I started thinking more about the possibility of a relationship and marriage about that time. I'm not however interested in dating per se (or "playing the field") as I call it. I don't need the drama. Courting on the other hand sounds good.