Friday, August 20, 2004

It's the little things that count...

-It's nice to be nice.
-Say please and thank-you, excuse me, pardon and God bless you.
-Send handwritten thank-you notes when someone gives you a gift, tangible or otherwise.

-Don't pass on gossip. Pass on compliments.
-Call your parents once a week to tell them you love them.

-Help those in need, and learn how to ask people for help when you're in need.
-Tell the truth, even when it hurts.
-Do everything in moderation.
-Listen to others with a closed mouth and an open mind.
-Leave the store before you make the big purchase. If you go back a week later, you know you really want it or need it.
-Know how to hold your silverware properly at the table. Table manners are priceless.
-Karma really exists.
-Before criticizing, critiquing, bashing, or insulting... pause and think "there but for the grace of God go I."
-Work hard. Don't finish a job until it's done right, strive for perfection and always search for the next level of achievement. Even if no one else notices.
-Don't toot your own horn.

-Appreciate the simpler things in life. Sometimes money will be lean or the body will be tired, that's when a good book or a long talk can be entertainment enough.

-Don't eat that second piece of cake.
-Drink water, 8 glasses if you can... it's really life's fountain of youth.
-Time is the greatest gift you can give someone.
-Pick your battles.
-Think before you speak, especially if you're going to say something with irreparable impact.
-Don't play your trump card unless you have to.

-Don't "put on the dog".
-Dorothy said it best: There's no place like home.
-Blood is thicker than water.
-Brush your teeth twice a day. Three times if you have braces.
-Trust your instincts about people.
-Use sunscreen.
-Trust in God. There really IS a plan at work, even if you might not have a clue what it is.
-Be a stickler for good spelling. It's hard to see the big picture when one's distracted by all the errors.
-Can't say enough about that honesty thing.
-Take time to play with children.
-Always buy Girl Scout cookies, Boy Scout candy, magazines, gift wrap and other fundraising efforts.
-Never pay full price for something over 20 bucks.
-You can be anything you want to be, as long as you work at it.
-Good looks are only skin deep, and they only last 20 years or so without any surgical assistance.

-Children should nurture talents in both one sport and a fine art.
-Seek therapy if you're weathering a storm within. People need doctors for both the outside and the inside.
-Try new foods. It's the easiest, least expensive way to add some adventure to an otherwise ho-hum day.
-Look but don't touch. In homes, stores, and strip bars.
-On second thought, don't go to that strip bar if you're married, or want to be.
-Don't rush in to marriage, and only do it once. You have your whole life to fall in love.
-Skim milk and diet soda are just about as good as the real thing.
-Fulfill yourself with experiences, not things. The memories last much longer and provide you with more to draw from.
-Always have a valid passport.

-Put your library card to good use.
-Walk. To the park, to the store, to dinner.
-Be a good host. Show your friends just how much they mean to you.
-Don't drink and drive. Ever.


Anonymous said...

<3 this :)

Unknown said...

Compliment him, the way he makes you feel so special and cared for, his caring touch, his sense of humor, his passionate behavior, his possessiveness, etc. These are just a few of the little things that really count more than all the gifts and wealth in the world.

Unknown said...

I agree, there is also an interesting perspective that I found on this blog if anyones interested :)

Kate x