Friday, August 27, 2004

My Name In Bright Lights

This weekend I'm going to try and become a movie star.

Well, okay, I'm willing to share part of the limelight with Kurt Russell. The movie star will be filming scenes in Lex this September for, what else?... another horseracing movie. It's about a broken thoroughbred horse and his trainer, who wants to take the horse to the Breeders Cup. Sounds like the Horse Whisperer meets Seabiscuit.

They're having an open casting call at UK tomorrow and I think I'm going to join some of my friends for the audition. I was in Seabiscuit (along with 4000 other folks) for the racing scenes shot out at Keeneland, so I am VERY experienced in the movie extra circuit. At any rate, they're looking for folks to play townspeople, horse owners and race fans... so I imagine they can find a place for me somewhere.

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