Friday, August 13, 2004

Barbie for President

She's a vet, doctor, police officer and astronaut.

Now Barbie wants to take on Washington.

I spent many years playing with that doll of plastic perfection. My sister and I created a Barbie village of sorts, built with pillows around a wooden toddler slide.

Barbie was sometimes a mom, other times we'd make her a fancy executive who got to travel on lots of business trips. Barbie was always way cool in our book. Our diva had a plastic lunchbox full of fancy clothes and a silver glitter Corvette.

Could life get any better for Barbie?

Like lots of little girls, our Barbie fantasies made her the lady we wanted to be when we grew up. That's why I think this latest venture by Mattel is the best thing since the Barbie Dreamhouse.

According to, the doll maker is pairing up with the White House Project, a group that encourages women to run for public office.

They're encouraging women to take their daughters to the polls, and are even selling a Barbie for President doll, complete with a leadership tip sheet.

photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Star

The best time to influence a person is in their youth, at least in my book. And even though women got the right to vote way back in 1920 (thank you, 19th Amendment,) only 46% of women vote, according to the most recent
census information.

That's a lot of apothy, especially considering the many issues that affect women, like education, equal wages and health care.

We need someone to show little girls how cool big girls are when they vote.

And Barbie might just be the gal to do it.

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