Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Dating on the Download

Let me first start off by saying I'm not a complete and total dog.

There are a couple pics of me on this blog, so you can judge for yourself, but I am reasonably confident and pleased with the way I look. God blessed me with nice hair and skin, my parents blessed me with good teeth (thanks to braces.)

That said, I am a pretty busy girl and hate meeting guys in bars. I love GOING to bars, but looking to pick people up there, well, that's another story.

Church groups, I've done that.

Bookstores. I've done that, too. (FYI... save yourself a lot of trouble and steer clear of the Self Help section.)

This internet dating thing, this is kind of new to me.

I have a profile on a website out there, if you look hard enough you can probably find it. The trouble is, so have a few less desireable guys. There are lots of men on there who fall in one of three catagories:

A) They don't have a college degree

B) They don't have all their teeth

C) They don't even have a chance

There IS an upside to internet dating, though.

It's a perfect way for a busy girl to find a nice guy. Sure, you've got to do your homework and take your time for fear of any psychos out there.

The trouble with online dating is that after a couple emails you start bypassing the whole courtship thing and you wonder if this is the guy you could spend the rest of your life with, before you've even met face to face.

Talk about jumping the gun.

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