Friday, October 22, 2004

Brown Bag Lunch

From Friday's Feast

Name 3 things that you are wearing today.
Chunky black platform shoes
Silver hoop earrings
The infamous off the shoulder shirt

Who was the last person you hugged?
Actually it was the woman who I refer to as Betty White in the above linked post about the infamous off the shoulder shirt. She told me her dog has cancer, and I felt really bad for her. I know how important her dog is to her (he's pretty much her replacement for a child) so my heart just sank for her when she told me he was sick.

What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?
Actually... I'm just about to run out for a bite. I'm split between a big ass burrito (at Moes, Qdoba or Chipotle) or a juicy bacon cheeseburger. Milkshakes are always a top pick, too.

Main Course
What time of day do you usually feel most energized?
Now that I get to work at 6:30 AM... probably around 9:30-10:00 am. Uusually I'm all systems go after a I have a few cups of coffee running through my system.

Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence.
Kisses always trip emotion.

Oooh... I liked that!

Have a great weekend, all! I'm heading to the track tomorrow (despite my weather girl's prediction of a deluge). I hope I don't lose my shirt!

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