Sunday, October 17, 2004

Line Two Is Still Taking Calls...

I was catching up on my favorite blogs when I caught Funqi's plea for a Halloween costume suggestion.

I, too, could use some help for the Bewitching Hour.

I'm having a party on the 30th and you're all invited, as long as you can make it here to Lexington. Fear not, those who are a bit squeamish of visiting the Bluegrass, for I will have a complete recap of all the scandal on this lil' blog.

Until that time, though, I need to think up a costume. And fast.

The party, seeing as it will be a bunch of news types, is a theme of "News Stories 2004." The humor would probably be lost on anyone else but a bunch of journalists, but take my word for it, we're gonna have a ball pointing our fingers at Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions and Martha Stewarts in jump suits.

I'm a huge fan of Halloween and always put a lot of time and thought into my costume (over the top, sensational and hugely elaborate would be prime descriptions for previous creations), and I think this year should be no different.

I'm looking for a costume that will be clever, perhaps a bit provocative (gasp!) and of course playing within the bounds of "News Stories 2004." They can be national or local events, though I'm not expecting y'all to have any idea of what's been going on in this little burg (brownie points if you do, though!)

The lines are open, just waiting for your suggestions...


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug =)
I too am having a bash for this most haunted of days but if I could make Lexington one of my stops for the evening I most certainly would.
Happy Haunting!

Michael Hickerson said...

I love the party theme....

Now I'm torn--be there for your cool party or see my niece and nephew lookin' cute in their Halloween costumes?!?