Thursday, October 21, 2004

Those Sugar Plum Fairies Have Been Busy... But Not As Busy As Britney

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My mind started wandering again.

You have no idea what danger that can lead to. There's lots of uncharted, murky territory between my ears that has yet to be navigated. My synapses, however, are quite successful in maneuvering the well-worn thought paths that lead to Weddingsville. I've earned about a gazillion frequent flyer miles while taking trips there via La La Land.

Forget the damned right hand ring. That's some sorry consolation prize for chicks who want to get married. The only diamond that makes it to one of these ten digits pounding on the keyboard... is the diamond my one true love will buy me someday after we meet and fall in love.

Oh barf.

Speaking of marriages... it turns out Britney Federline (nee Spears) has officially sealed the deal with her betrothed (despite exchanging vows last month). Malaysia's The Star Online (c'mon, isn't THAT your first source for breaking news?) is reporting the Pop Princess arrived on a tropical Fiji hideaway for her honeymoon Monday. Spears-Federline (do you think Britney is the type to hyphenate?) apparently filed an official marriage cert. with Los Angeles officials last week, promptly within the 90 day time limit, a spokeswoman was quick to point out.

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The delay came after legal wranglings between attorneys over just how much Mr. Spears (maybe Kevin will take Britney's name?) would come out on top with should the two dissolve the marriage (gasp! No! That will NEVER happen).

Britney is quoted in Australia's Sunday Times as saying on her website "My prerogative right now is to just chill and let all of the other overexposed blondes on the cover of Us Weekly be your entertainment."

Congratulations Ms. Federline (maybe she's a Ms. kind of gal...), you managed to plug your latest song, name drop a mag you get a lot of face time on and insult your fan base in one fell swoop.


Pink Poppy said...

Oh my! You never fail to amuse and entertain me. The whole "Britney" thing...ALL OF just sick and wrong.

And speaking of Sick and Wrong--what IS it with the guys around there? I think you need to move to greener pastures. Everyone told me that nobody ever marries someone they met in DC. Not only did I do it, but I know lots of others who did so, as well. I just think you are a DC kinda girl. Think about it... And, you know I just happen to know a FEW people there....

Kate The Great said...

Pink Poppy,

I am wondering the same thing. My contract is up at the end of February and I'm considering all the other fields I want to work in... I've always thought DC would be an awesome place to work!