Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Irreverent Notes From A Few Randomly Freewheeling Synapses I Managed To Have A Conversation With

I am again obsessing on the idea of marriage. I have a match date Sunday and am already thinking about the ring I want and all the sex positions I'll get to practice if we start dating. Okay, so I'm joking on that second part.

(I warned you about the irreverence).

I cannot wait to get home and see the Vice Presidential debate. Honest. I am a registered Republican (the second really personal fact I've offered in this whole entire blog. Can you name the first?) but am enthusiastically jumping ship for what, in my book, appears to be a far more seaworthy oceanliner.

Edwards looks to me like he's going to win this thing hands-down. He's got the smarts to be a court room litigator so I'm sure he'll mop the court with Dick Cheney in that regard, plus he's charisma personified. The Bush camp calls him The Golden Tongue. I'd like to know what that's about (second irreverent reference).

There is nothing more euphoric than shopping. At least not in the universe I currently reside in. Even a 7 dollar pair of earrings can make me happy.

I apparently have some aversion to cleaning up my apartment. Respectfully I cannot even describe what you would find behind the door of XXX Main Street Number X because chances are the developing spores would make you sick... even through your high speed internet connection. Lemme just boil it down to a whole lotta dirty dishes... a whole lotta clothes thrown EVERYWHERE and even a ring around the toilet. Flylady would be so ashamed.

Gotta go. 10 minutes to The Golden Tongue. Dick Cheney... eat your pacemaker-ed heart out.

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Michael Hickerson said...

So, you're gonna leave the RNC for the Golden Tongued One?!?

And you've got a date Sunday?!?

Does our secret, forbidden love mean so little to you?!? ;-)