Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Anticlimactic Holiday

So, Pink Poppy asked how my Valentine's Day went.

Ugh. It was a bit uneventful, I'm afraid.

For those of you closely following (or maybe more casually following) my little romance, you may be interested to know I spent the year's most romantic holiday alone.

It wasn't a circumstance I was totally angst ridden with, considering we're only days away from being a month into this thing. I will say though, the amorous Valentine's Day visions whirling around in my noggin' were certainly a bit more, um, amorous than my reality.

Last week I was fortunate enough to see New Boyfriend three days in a row (three days in a row!) He opted to come out, despite complete exhaustion, on Mardi Gras. The following day he took me to a movie, and then last Thursday he invited me over to watch a movie (The Goonies complimented by a great bottle of Merlot by Pepperwood Grove).

Heading into last weekend, a friend of mine firmly suggested I give New Boyfriend some space. My Honorary Big Sis said that while things were coming along swimmingly, the gent might need a bit room to adjust to spending so much time to someone as incredible and stunningly gorgeous as I.

So, Friday night I sent New Boyfriend a cute text message Everyone's Playing Tonight with a nice little picture of me out with a girlfriend:

Lindsay Lou and Moi

He replied by saying something to the effect of "Have fun, I'm going to hang with some friends I haven't seen in a while."

Not being the chick that steals guys from their wingmen, I was quite alright with that response, offering him a That's awesome. Have a great time!

I had great time for the rest of the night, and didn't really give New Boyfriend a second thought. Same thing goes for Saturday night, when I hit the town with my #1 Gal Pal with nary a text message sent or received.

Sunday New Boyfriend sent a Lovely weather we're having today message, followed by an exchange of trivial pleasantries by both parties before I put my phone down to paint my toenails (a really nice Merlot color).

Yesterday I was sweating things out on the elliptical trainer when I got a Happy Valentines! It's too bad our schedules are opposite. Right now I get out of work around 1:30 pm... and he goes to work around 2:00 pm, getting out at 11:30 pm.

I'm a little bit concerned about the lack of contact within the past few days. No phone calls, only text messages (though I concede that's how the kids are doing it these days), and I'm also bummed I didn't see him this weekend. But I keep reminding myself what Honorary Big Sis said, this guy might need a little bit of space. And the time apart is good for me to remember and enjoy my old friends whom I don't want to put on the back burner.

New Boyfriend and I have a dinner date Thursday, so until then I resolve to not call or text unless he prompts the conversation. It sounds so totally The Rules, but maybe he'll wonder what I'm doing with my time.

Hey, don't they say absence makes the heart grow fonder?

We'll see...


Micah said...

Hon, he's just not that into you. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to bring you down, girl, but I'm with Micah on this one. Grab your fishing pole and stick it back in the ocean!

spydrz said...

I'm concerned about the lack of phone calls....texting is fine, I do it daily, but only with friends...

Kate The Great said...

Yeah... I'm starting to cool off on this one. Dinner's still a go... but I'm reining the horses in, so to speak.

Consider the Claddagh turned back around, and the fishin' pole back in the pond.

Kate The Great said...

Breaking News: He's on the phone right now.

Updates to follow.