Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So THIS is what the High Life is like...

I am living the life of a gym bunny.

It's the life of those very women I've simultaneously criticized and envied. Admittedly, it's that same envy that has given life to those harsh words "Must be nice to spend all day working out and shopping", but now my life has afforded me the luxury of spending some time on my bod.

Which I've decided, after giving naked self a once-over in the mirror, is time well spent.

Yesterday kicked off my third straight week of sweating it out at Lexington's newest gym complex (which my Honorary Big Sis and I like to call The Resort. The gym is tricked out with a cardio theatre, lots of weight machines, a special workout room just for chicks, a three lane lap pool and even individual flat screen TVs at the treadmills and elliptical trainers. Each locker room features its own sauna, changing rooms and several beautiful shower stalls.

And when you're done working out, you can hit the attached Smoothie King and tanning salon.

Yesterday I did my regular routine of 35-45 minutes on the elliptical (while watching Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals) followed 20-30 laps in the pool. My Honorary Big Sis and I spent some quality time in the sauna before she treated me to a wonderful Pineapple smoothie. I capped the whole event off with 12 minutes in a Cancer Can (tanning bed).

I walked out of the gym about two and a half hours after I had entered, realizing the luxury of that time investment. Few people can afford spending that much time on themselves, and I was appreciative that my station in life at this point is giving me the chance to take care of myself. For years I've been working in a stressful career, making personal sacrifices and putting myself second (and sometimes third) to all the other duties and requirements of my life. It feels great to care about myself for a change.

After the whole gym experience, I decided to do what every other Gym Bunny would do: go shopping.

Taken en route to The Mall: Stay out of my way!

I walked from one end of the mall to the other and back (a perfect way to cool down all those worked-out muscles) and only spent five dollars on a new lip gloss at Bath & Body Works. In the market for a really great suit, I tried on several on-sale Taharis... but I think I need to spend some more time on the elliptical before I plunk down any change on one.

Especially when I'm eating Cheetos and Reese's Cups for breakfast.


Micah said...

Today I resumed my workout routine after neglecting it for 1.5 months. My absence allowed me to skip the Resolution Crowd, who've no doubt given up by now. I did see a lot of cute new faces (and other body parts) today. That's enough to keep me coming back.

Anonymous said...

The gym and then Cheetos for breakfast? You go, girl. Best of both worlds.