Monday, February 14, 2005

Love For Everyone

It appears I am on a blog blitz this Valentine's Day.

This post makes number three, inspired by the unusually giddy and amorous mood I'm in.

Here's a quiz you can take whether you're single or taken. It provides insights on the kind of person you are in relationships; I am a "brooder."

Check out my blirtatiousness!


Anonymous said...

Here's your chance to "blurt it out" on your blog. Don't keep it all bottled up inside!

Pink Poppy said...

Hey! Happy Valentine's Day! Soooo.... Ahem. The Valentine still around? And did he share the evening with you? You KNOW I need to KNOW these things.... ;)

Kate The Great said...

Oh... you know, sometimes I feel like I blurt out TOO much! I really need to focus more on writing what I feel and think about things, rather than trivial vignettes from my life...

But I guess what I think about the Dwindling Social Security Problem may not be as interesting as when I galivant around town in my pink wig.

Speaking of Pink, Poppy, I wrote a new post just for you!