Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beantown Vs. Ben's Town

I've got a hefty bet riding on this Super Bowl game.

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The guy I'm seeing right now (be still, my heart) is a Die Hard Philly Eagles fan. In fact, today he's leaving Lexington to make a trek to the homeland, as he calls it, to pick up some cheesesteaks, Philly brewed beer and other snacks indigenous to the City of Brotherly Love.

Image courtesy of msnbc. Credit to Chris Gardner/AP

Being the carpetbagger New Englander I am (carpetbagged in, carpetbagged out), I am gladly riding the Patriots bandwagon.

Image courtesy sportsfanoutlet.com

He and I decided to pony up a homecooked dinner as the stakes for the game. My football minded friends tell me I should have no problems with this one, that the Pats are a shoe-in for the game, and that this boy better be breaking out the cookbook, and soon.

But, there IS an off chance the Eagles pull this thing out, and if they do, I had better have a plan.

What kind of meal would impress this gentlemanly friend? I don't have a grill so that rules out my grilling up a great steak. I would kind of like to make a play on the Philly connection, so I guess I could serve something that uses cream cheese as an ingredient.

I know there are some budding Jacques and Julias out there, so give me your best suggestions!


Micah said...

Anything served nekkid.

Pink Poppy said...

OK, I hope this isn't a totally useless comment, but:

1). Am V. Excited about the latest developments in the love-life.

2). I have only been to Philly twice so am clueless as to what to suggest.

3). You could write to "Psycho Writer Poppy" on the Poppy Club Roll and ask her for suggestions

4). As long as he's eating, drinking, and hangin' out with you, I don't think he's gonna care much about the particulars...

Good luck! Hugs, kisses and crossed fingers to you!

Micah said...

You know, I just realized that Hamburger Helper has a Philly Cheesesteak variety. There you go!

And if you want him to feel like he's in Philly, be sure to have lots of trash strewn about your house.