Thursday, February 10, 2005

What I Did On My Mental Health Day

I called in sick yesterday, but I was feeling oh-so-fine.

I had two sick days left until the expiration of my contract (the agreement was extended a week, now wrapping up March 4th) and you can bet your bippy I was going to use 'em rather than lose 'em.

I slept in until the decadent hour of 9:00 (instigated by some late night Mardi Gras partying).

Me and my #1 Gal Pal on Mardi Gras

It felt so good to be swaddled in so many blankets with little bits of sunshine batting me in the face. So often these days I wake up in the pitch black of dawn, so yesterday was a nice way to affirm that I am, in fact, NOT a vampire.

I meandered my way out of said bed and staggered to the kitchen for an egg and a piece of toast, an Ash Wednesday sanctioned meal (two little meals and a big meal... with no snacking in between).

Then I decided to tackle my dishes.

I was struck by an almost fatal stench as I approached my sink. Mold in some containers, a cloudy, congealed susbtance on top of others, it was a rough disgusting job that had to be tackled. I had completely neglected my domestic duties for weeks, and I was suffering the smelly consequences of that avoidance. In only my underwear and an apron (cute apple and blueberry Crate & Barrel print), I filled the left side of my sink with hot water and suds. I felt SO Desperate Housewives.

After three hours of cleaning house, I had a bowl of Special K (Ash Wednesday sanctioned meal #2) before it was off to the gym.

I sweated like a mean bitch after some one-on-one time with the elliptical trainer (For Lent I am making a commitment to visit the gym every weekday), then I spent 17 minutes in the tanning bed. Who knew a little brown pigmentation could boost my spirits?

After some time in the shower, I raced to the movie theatre to catch Finding Neverland with my New Boyfriend. I highly recommend seeing an older released movie matinee. We did, though we opted against trying anything randy as A) I'm not that kind of girl and B) the movie was too good to be neglected.

A couple kisses goodbye and then I was off... headed for home to make some veggie pot pies with crust from scratch. Again, that cute little apron got some good wearing (this time with clothing underneath). I turned the oven off then set out for a 7:30 Ash Wednesday Mass, even though I hadn't been to church in three weeks.

Came back home when New Boyfriend text messaged me that he was done working on the menu for our Super Bowl Bet dinner (he lost, so now he's working on something with seafood and bleu cheese). It's amazing how text messaging can help a relationship flourish.

Not so much a super-fantastic-exciting kind of day... but it was one that definitely made me feel so much better.


Michael Hickerson said...

Lucky apron!

Anonymous said...

How do you have a movie date and then the date ends so early? What's up with THAT???