Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ring My Bell

I am obsessed with downloading ringtones for my cell phone.

Earlier I had talked about how ghetto my old cellie was, what with super glue holding the hinges together.

My new phone is lightyears more advanced than my old cell, and now I've become addicted to matching special songs to special people.

My family was my first assignment; finding a ring tone that could be all encompassing for my late 50s parents, my 18 year old sister, my 25 year old sister and her husband. I settled on the one song I am adamant about dancing with my sisters to on my wedding day whenever that is: We Are Family by Sister Sledge.

My ears are filled up (and for that matter, the ears of anyone around me) with the Charlie's Angels theme song whenever my two best friends (the Honorary Big Sis and the #1 Gal Pal) call me.

Cute, ain't it?

Hmm, I think I might be Farah

My standard ring tone is an homage to my Alma Mater, the fine University of Kentucky. Go Big Blue!!

My other close friends tip me off when they ring because I hear the dope beats of Fitty Cent's In Da Club. What can I say? I love to dance, and that song makes me wanna shake my moneymaker. I imagine I am quite a sight when I start bustin' a move in the middle of Kroger's produce section.

My (ex?) New Boyfriend is about to be ousted from his very own ring tone: Kelis' Milkshake song, 'cause yes, MY milkeshake does bring all the boys to the yard.

Whatever that means.

I just added to my downloaded ringer collection yesterday. I am so excited about the newest addition, too. From now on, whenever my scheduler is warning me about time creeping up on a scheduled event, I'll hear the theme song to Knight Rider.

If only Kit came as part of the download deal.


spydrz said...

Knight Rider? I must admit, for a while I did use the Dukes of Hazzard theme...

Kate The Great said...

I am in LOVE with all things Old School! I really wanted to get Hawaii 5-0 but they didn't have it. They did have Movin' On Up... which I may select should a job materialize soon. I was also enchanted by the Magnum PI theme song.

Dukes? Some say thems be Kentucky boys... but they're really from the fictional county of Hazard in GA.

spydrz said...

Isn't it amazing how much north Georgia looks like Southern California??

Micah said...

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get the ringtone used by the CTU office in 24 for free, but to no avail. Finally, I sucked it up and paid for it. Nothing like being unemployed and unproductive!

Kate The Great said...

Spydrz-yes they look very similar, well, except for probably the standards in dentistry. Okay, so that was a vast generalization on Southern folks, and gals in KY shouldn't be knockin' people with bad teeth... cause... well, I'm in KY.

Micah... ah, to be unemployed and underproductive. I'm counting the days.

Seriously. We have to both meet in Cincy sometime if we're both hangin. Otherwise I am going to get way too engrossed in the happenings of my "friends" on Days of Our Lives.