Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What This Girl Likes

-I like it when a man calls me Baby.
-I like it when a man leads me through a room with a hand placed carefully on the small of my back.
-I like it when people say please and thank-you.
-I like it when someone refers to me using a cute 'lil nickname.
-I like it when I succeed in pushing myself a little bit harder at the gym.
-I like it when all my bills are paid and there are a couple bucks left to squeek by on 'til payday.
-I like it when I have plans with good friends to look forward to.
-I like it when I find a really good deal on something I really need.
-I like it when I hop into a freshly made bed after a good, hot shower.
-I like it when I discover a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox like an unexpected check or a little present from a far off friend.
-I like it when I get to sleep in the crook between a man's arm and neck.
-I like it when I wake up in the morning and he's still there.
-I like it when I have really good restaurant leftovers in the fridge.
-I like it when my hair has that bounce from a fresh wash and style (chez moi, of course).
-I like it when those too-tight pants fit just right.
-I like it when I get an unexpected text message from someone I really like.
-I like it when a friend makes me lunch unexpectedly.
-I like it when I get to steal a few minutes out of my day to make a quick call to Mom and Dad.
-I like it when God blesses me with a little hope for my future.
-I like it when I put in the time and effort to get "all dressed up" for work, including full make-up and hair.
-I like it when I buckle down and clean my house from top to bottom.
-I like it when I'm only a day away from pay day.
-I like it when I establish the New Record while playing Tetris on my cellphone.
-I like it when I've just had a fresh cut and highlight.
-I like it when my skin is obedient and blesses me with minimum break outs.
-I like it when I take the time to work on my spirituality and make that deep, personal connection with God.
-I like it when I feel like I'm running on all cylinders after my first cup of coffee.
-I like it when I get to steal away for a movie all by myself.
-I like it when I get to catch a movie with a good friend, and then disect it afterwards over a latte.
-I like it when I treat myself to something really nice (because it rarely happens).
-I like it when I stumble upon a really great blog that makes me reflect on my own life, that makes me laugh or that makes me want to read more.

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Ray M. said...

Kate, your values have great beauty in them. b