Thursday, February 24, 2005

You Deserve A Break Today

Thank God for the Internet.

I say God because I'd hate to give Al Gore any of the credit.

But I digress.

The WWW is a veritable playground for grownups and kids alike, I guess it just depends on what kind of sandbox you want to get dirty in.

Me? I like the kind of thing that makes me laugh and go hmmmmm.

This guy has made the rounds, but I only saw these guys just today, and it seems even some classrooms are studying the art of this guy's dancing talents.

This blog is researching an interesting phenomenon involving our Commander in Chief.

What's that policy? Don't ask, don't tell??

And speaking of "don't tell," Adam Sandler has way too much time on his hands.


spydrz said...

That Adam Sandler clip is just scary.

Rachel said...

That is some funny stuff.

Micah said...

Sandler's a retard, but he still makes me laugh. Last night I trimmed my...beard.

And that "Numa Numa Yea" song is infectious.