Thursday, April 28, 2005

And They're At The Post...

There's something about the Kentucky Derby that makes me feel like I've taken a trip back in time.

Maybe it's the mint juleps, the natty hats and the long standing tradition of horseracing.

I just picked up my own hat yesterday. Actually, I gave in to impulse (a frequent problem) and two: a pink "mad hatter" straw number with a big, pink straw bow on the front.

The second one has a much wider brim, perhaps you'd call it a portrait hat, with a mesh ribbon and some faux, cream colored flowers on the side. This one would be perfect for getting dressed to the nines while doing yard work.

But alas, I have no yard to work in.

Anyway, back to the Derby.

I added to my collection yesterday, picking up this year's official Derby julep glass and gearing up to pour over the frontrunners, who will hit the dirt at Churchill in just over a week.

***update*** For all you lawyer types, there's one horse called "Closing Argument."

I'm hit or miss when betting on the ponies. Sometimes I do well ($130 on a trifecta), but most of the time I write off my bets at Keeneland (Lexington's classy track) as my annual charity donation.

Oh, and did I mention I make a mean Derby Pie?

The kitchen is now taking orders...

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spydrz said...

I could go for a julep!