Friday, April 15, 2005

Have You Ever Wondered...

Who reads your blog? What if a long, lost friend found your internet diary? What if it was an ex-boyfriend? What if it was someone you had a huge crush on years ago?

Don't mean to get all Dave Matthews on you, but it was something I started wondering yesterday. I was checking my Stat Counter and noticed some IP addresses with some interesting origins. Still don't know who the mystery person is, but it's fun to wonder.

If someone from your past saw your blog, what would they think about you? Have you changed much? Would they be shocked by what you write about? Would they read the whole thing top to bottom looking for a shred of a mention of themselves?

I think most people from my past would be surprised to read my blog. I have done remarkably well in life considering a few adverse situations. I've also stuck by a childhood dream to work in tee-vee. I think some people would be interested to read I've turned out a bit more girly than I used to be. I was never one to worry about getting my clothes dirty while climbing trees or hunting in the backyard creek for good ol' Ohio fossils.

I was kind of weirded out after all this thinking yesterday when I got an email today from a former co-worker. He had stumbled across my blog looking for some info on a Lexington restaurant and had run across my little mental playground. It wasn't his IP address that had sent my brain swirling yesterday, but our little virtual run-in was timely proof that someone from my past could easily stumble into my sandbox.

If you think you know me, feel free to say hello.

If you think you don't know me, but want to, feel free to say hello, too!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
as a matter of fact I have been doing things on the WWW (in the past) with people from my past as audience in my mind. Meaning I wanted them to know, but not wanting to tell them directly. Yes, weird, hmm.
Anyway - hello!!!! Meaning wanting to come to know you better. :-)
Kind regards


Michael Hickerson said...

I often wonder if there are certain anonymous people from my past who read my blog now. If they are...oh well. I ain't gonna change anything about what I post or how I post.

That whole living well is the best revenge thing...