Monday, April 11, 2005


Brace yourselves, because I'm gearing up to join the 90's:

I'm buying a computer.

It's been a long time coming, something I'm really looking forward to to help me keep up with the bloggin'. Trouble is, I'm not too sure what to buy.

I'm kinda sold on the Dell deals (Dude, you gotta get a Dell) that they always have in the Sunday paper junk, I just don't really know how much computer I really need.

I think I want a Pentium 4 instead of that Celeron thing. And I definitely want a burner (so I can burn all those illegal downloads). Other than that, I'm pretty much clueless. Dell has been giving away flatscreens, so I think I may go for one of those.

Anyway, y'all are the ones who know so much, so please give me some advice.

Basically, I want to burn CDs, be able to watch DVDs, surf the internet, and maybe use a webcam to show dirty things, like the yucky pile of dishes in my kitchen (now where was your mind going with that one?)


Micah said...

My desktop is ancient by computer standards (bought it in '99), but gets the job done: e-mail, burning (until recentlY), word processing.

I've been told to buy a little more than you need, memory, storage, and power-wise. So getting a P4 would probably be smart. That way, you could play the most excellent game ever - The Sims 2. The more memory you have, the more programs you can have running at the same time. Think of the mulit-tasking: e-mail, stealing music, looking at porn, doing legit "work" all at the same time!

Micah said...

Forgot to add that, although I've never had a Dell (both desktop and laptop are HPs), I've heard that they are fine machines. Stay away from Gateway. Wow. That rhymed.

Christine said...

I wish I could help you. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck, and have fun!!

Unknown said...

I don't have advice on what kind of computer to get...lucky me gets hand me downs. Everytime my brother or my mother upgrade I get their used goods...scanners, extra memory, burners...sweet deal.

My advice though is to get rid of that crap car of yours and buy a new one, around here there are lots of dealerships that throw in a FREE computer with the purchase of a new car...kill two birds with one stone! =) OR not.