Thursday, April 21, 2005

Childhood Fears

What scares you? Is it the same thing that rattled your cage when you are little?

This thought erupted in my mind the other night when I absentmindedly walked across a city grate.

As a rule, I do not walk across those sidewalk grids that show the darkness beneath the city streets. I don't exactly know why, all I know is I have been terrified of these grates ever since I was a little girl. To this day, my more mature 28 year old self will hopscotch or zig-zag my way to a path of least resistance, avoiding those revealing little panels that loosely cover the veins and bones of a vibrant city.

Forget the Seven Year Itch, I have no desire to reenact this classic Monroe scene. My childhood fears, however, have no problem with the classic number from Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Bonus points if real ice is involved.

I am also terrified by heights. I do well in airplanes and on the top of skyscrapers (thumbs up to Cincinnati's version of the Empire State Building: Carew Tower) but forget it where ladders and bridges are concerned. I once was doing a repelling course and freaked out at the top of a 60 foot wall. I was minutes away from needing a rescue. Luckily I pulled myself together and made it to the ladder, which was I was far more comfortable descending than I actually was the mock rock wall.

And here's a weird one for you: I am scared by "the country." It has something to do with being in a remote, isolated place with a sparse population and few commercial outlets. I don't know if I'm afraid I'll someday lose out on a limitless supply of Brie cheese or some other big store grocery find, whatever the case, I am terrified of spending too much time in a place that appears to be "in the middle of nowhere." I can do daytrips and maybe even weekend visits as long as the company keeps me occupied. Otherwise, you probably won't find me me more than 20 miles away from a Starbucks franchise. Gotta love that venti non-fat vanilla latte.

I don't know why these fears persist through my adult years, but they're definitely something I want to work on. I have tentative plans this summer to go skydiving with a friend... I'll be sure to wear a Depends on that one.

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Micah said...

Is there even a 20 mile stretch in this country that doesn't have a Starbucks?

(I'm not a hater, but they seriously are everywhere)