Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thank God for UB40

That "Red, Red Wine" song is priceless.

There are just some tunes in this world that have a way of completely turning around a disposition, and in my case, that song is one of them.

I hear those lines about the sweet nectar of the Gods, and it sends me back to 5th grade. No, I wasn't boozing it up before Brownies, rather, that song was quite popular on the school dance circuit. I remember the older girls (the ones in Junior High) sitting on the back of the bus singing away like an impromptu chorus.

I always thought they were bad, dirty girls for singing a song about something they couldn't even enjoy. What did I know? I was the kind of girl who didn't stay out playing past the shining of the street lights, the kind of girl who didn't snoop through her parents drawers because she was worried she'd get caught. Okay, so I did a little bit of that, but nothing to get noticed. I remember this one time, rooting around in my mom's underwear drawer. Oh but wait, that's a story for another day.

Red, red wine.

That tune reminds me of hitting the roller rink with my little friends for someone's birthday, all gussied up in my rainbow shirt and Jordache jeans, toting along some Rainbow Brite or My Little Pony present. The disco ball would be twirling overhead as we made our way around the wooden rink in our brown leather, standard issue skates with the fluorescent orange wheels turning below. The day was never complete until we had made our way to the Snack Shack for a cherry Icee.

Red, red wine.

I had a glass of some great merlot last night. Yellow Tail, I think it was a 2003 but I could be wrong. At 7 bucks a bottle it's a safe try, and I personally am a fan of the Yellow Tail brand, with it's surprisingly good wines at surprisingly low prices.

Now, their version of Falling In Love With You? That's more of a Pina Colada song, and it's one of my favorite tunes, too.


Micah said...

Ha. You're probably the only person outside of the group to be thankful for the existence of UB40. Except maybe for Neil Diamond (and the myriad of other songwriters) for the royalty checks. Not that they are a bad band, but I can't think of one original song of theirs.

When I hear "Red Red Wine," it brings me back to Junior High, my dad driving my brother, a friend, and me to the Bruce Hornsby concert (it was my dad's idea to go!). That song was playing on the radio. Funny how you remember small stuff like that.

And let me be the first to say "Thank God for Savage Garden!"

Kate The Great said...

C'mon. Their songs are like a vacation burned onto plastic! I'll admit, Van Morrison it's not... but then I'm a sucker for all those catchy tunes.

Savage Garden? You've got to be kidding me. Please say you are, because I'm really gullible.

Micah said...

Yeah, I'm kidding about the Savage Garden. But they are a vital part of my best friends' (you know them as KPMD and Shamrock) favorite story about me. Shamrock and I were roommates throughout college and his old lady KPMD bunked with us senior year (rubbing salt in the wound of a lonely guy, but I digress). I had a clock radio, set it, and the song that woke me up the next morning was "Truly Madly Deeply" and they swear that I didn't shut the clock off until the song was completed. So I guess that I'm a subconcious fan of Savage Garden.

Rachel said...

Hey! I love UB40. I'm with you Kate.