Monday, April 18, 2005

Three Cheers for Marshall Mathers

Hurrah from one bully's victim to another:

A judge says it's okay for Eminem to get back at an old grade-school bully.

Ah yes, justice is served.


Micah said...

Stupid lawsuit. Correct decision. Sorry, DeAngelo Bailey - looks like you will remain a sanitation worker.

In other news, Eminem's last CD was a sub-par effort.

Kate The Great said...

I didn't get this recent one. Loved the Eminem show. In fact, that one still gets regular rotation for my workout repertoire.

What with Eminem, Britney, Christina and a myriad of other celeb success stories, it kinda makes me wish I didn't grow up in the suburbs with two normal parents and a subdivision house. Can't believe being trailer trash can do so much for a person's success.