Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Morning Meme

I am running on two hours sleep, two cups of coffee and a can of Cherry Coke. My creativity is at a premium, as I used what little I could scrounge up on my show this morning.

So, I found the following questions on a meme:

1. Do You Wear Your Seatbelt In The Car?:
2. Got Any Tattoo's?:
3. Done Anything Ilegal?:
4. Had Sex In A Public Place?:
5. Stay Up Past Midnight On A Regular Basis?:

1- Every time. Without fail. It's just too stupid a way to die.
2- Nope. Can't make that kind of commitment to body art. I do have a tongue ring I rarely wear, and my masochistic tendencies allow me to force the ring through my practically healed tongue whenever whimsy strikes me.
3-Yep. And I'm looking for a nice frame to put my mugshot in. It was one of the best lessons I've ever learned.
4-Um. I plead The Fifth on this one.
5-I work the Graveyard Shift, so what do you think?


Micah said...

You'd think I'd know correct blog etiquette (bletiquette?) by now, but the whole meme thing eludes me.

As a commenter, am I obligated to list my responses here? Or am I to take the football and run with it, so to speak, and make an entirely new post on my blog?

*scratches head*

spydrz said...

Can I ask a dumb question? What does meme mean? I see it all over the place, but I haven't quite grasped the usage of the word to put on my site anywhere.

Kate The Great said...

Micah, the great thing about a meme is you can do both, one or neither. Feel free to post your own response here or @ your blog... We won't report you if you list any laws broken.

Spydrz, a meme is defined as an idea that has the potential to replicate and evolve (according to what I found online.)

I just like 'em because sometimes I battle a wicked writers block and I feel retahded.

Micah said...

Okay, got. As I'm suffering from some intense insomnia at the moment, I'll play along.

1. Always, but I don't think the government should mandate the wearing of them.
2. Yes, a spider with UR's crest in it as a homage to my alma mater. Large enough for me to feel like a bad-ass, discrete enough for me to get a white collar job.
3. It's not illegal if you don't get caught.
4. Nope.
5. Lately, yes. But I've been trying to tame my sleep schedule. I lost the battle tonight.

Kate The Great said...

Wow. With your crazy ass spider and my tongue ring we could really be a hit at a biker bar.

We are so effin' tough.

Micah said...

Ha! Yeah, we'd survive. Especially after I ask if they have any Queen on the jukebox.

One of my good friends bought a Harley towards the end of law school. I suggested that he buy a sidecar, as well, so we could be a crime-fighting duo. He didn't agree.

Kate The Great said...

A Harley?! I really really want a Sportster. At about six grand, it's the best way to see the open road on a classic bike.