Friday, April 22, 2005

Late Night Morsel

From Friday's Feast

Name something that helps you fall asleep.
Funny considering I'm having some wacko sleep trouble. I've got Simply Sleep, melatonin and valerian all at my disposal (those last two are natural. Natural what, I don't know, but they can be found in your nearest vitamin aisle) and any combination works, albeit for a limited period of time. Still haven't been able to get to that horizontal mecca of eight hours of sleep. Thank god for Makers Mark and illegal sedatives.

Who brings out the best in you?
Hmm, I've never really considered that. I would say my fam-damily, but they're all so talkative that I kind of clam up around them. I am actually quite the talker, which can sometimes be a problem. All in all, I would have to say my Honorary Big Sis brings out the best in me. She is very forgiving, which is a good thing because I've got a gregarious personality that can be hard to swallow for those anal, type A people (painting with a broad brush here). Honorary Big Sis also draws out in me a desire to be a bit more thoughtful and grown up.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?
The possibilities are endless. Not so much a shopping fan on rainy days because everybody and their mother hits the malls at the faint whisper of bad weather. I am more inclined to go see a movie, lay in bed all day long and rent movies, read books and eat decadent take-out. Another possibility would be to check out a museum or spend some hard core quality time in a coffee shop or book store.

Main Course
Complete this sentence: In our home, we never have enough...
Milk. This is from the perspective that "our home" is my family home. I used to drink milk like it was going out of style, and my mother would get so pissed off. Never understood that. I guess she wanted me to save some for the rest of the brethren. Funny, because now I'm so glad I gorged myself on milk: I've never broken a bone and I'm ready for that senior smackdown with Osteoporosis. Bring it on, bitch.

Which shoe do you put on first?
The left one. I'm left handed and so I do pretty much everything left oriented. Well, except when I swing a golf club or baseball bat. Other than that, it's south paw all the way.

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