Monday, November 21, 2005

Back To This Whole Death Thing...

I was sitting on my good friend D Money's couch last night knitting and pearling when I started telling her about how I have this feeling I'm going to die.

I guess that's not really breaking news as last time I checked I am an organic being and have a shelf life of 85 or 90 (I have really good genes, and the grandparents lasted quite (at least one is still kicking at 85. The other three were pretty destructive in regards to smoking or alcohol (or both) and all managed to make it to their 80s). That said, lately I've had this nagging feeling it's going to happen soon, and I don't know how I feel about that.

Okay, let me first say I really don't know where all this darkness came from, although a looming birthday and the recent discovery a high school classmate has passed (from colon cancer of all things) could be the seeds of this latest pondering.

I guess I was kind of weirded out when I realized that I was going to see all of my very best friends this past weekend. Kind of odd considering they're as far flung as Texas and all but one have jobs and children (read: very, very busy women). I was beginning to wonder whether God gave me this weekend as an opportunity to say goodbye. Gosh, I hope not... it was just all a little eery for my pretty run-of-the-mill life.

I was driving back to Cincinnati from Lexington when I started thinking about how blessed my life is. I've had a great time on this little planet, and I sure hope I get to see more than a few more rotations around the Sun. That said, if God tapped on my shoulder today, I know I can say with complete honesty and contentment that life has been pretty good to me.

Okay, sorry for all the deep talk on mortality. On to something more shallow like trolling the Coach website or something.

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