Monday, November 28, 2005

Starbucks, Red Bull and Memories

Right now my newscast is in the middle of a network break, so I'll steal away a few minutes to recap the weekend.

Went down to Hot Lanta to see the family after the Thanksgiving holiday (remember, I had to work on the actual day of. I've gotten used to it, but that doesn't mean I like it.)

What was a 6.25 hour drive down south snowballed into an 8 hour trip back across the Mason Dixon line. Sure, that 45 minute stop at the outlets in GA was all my fault, but I send out a very special thanks to the mad crazy drivers in Chattanooga and Knoxville for their own brand of hellraising, four-wheelin'-slammin'-on-the-brakes kind of driving.

People, let's keep the Nascar bad ass driving on the track.

I can't believe I made it home safely. Aside from all the road raging through the Volunteer State, I was just beat. I owe my safe arrival home to a nonfat vanilla latte and several sugar free Red Bulls.


SO. I missed out on my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. I read a recap on a former classmate's blog and it made me think about how much I've changed since back in the day. Months ago I speculated as to whether were actually going to have a reunion. My best pal from high school and I met up in August to have our own celebration, but our early jump on the festivities left us to miss out on catching up with our other classmates.

I guess I'll just have to wait until the 15th reunion.

Time has been pretty good to me; I've become more confident, more established, and the pictures don't lie: I look a whole lot better than I used to.

It would be nice to see how well everyone else is doing.


Micah said...

They make sugar free Red Bull? I can't stand the regular stuff (but I'll suck down the occasional Jager bomb), so I doubt I'd like the good-for-you variety.

BTW, consider yourself tagged.

Kate The Great said...

Sugar free red bull rocks.

Hey are we still on for drinks Saturday?

Micah said...

I'm game, even though it flies in the face of my M.O. of buying a bottle and drinking alone.. Just let me know the dealy (yo).

spydrz said...

The sugar free does rock. It's even the real Austrian stuff. In some countries Red Bull is less potent.