Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sulking In My Living Room

I am getting really bummed about my birthday. Today I'm two weeks away from turning 29 (although I have already started lying to all the boys in the bars), and I really don't know how I feel about that.

My skin looks great despite my age
Making more money than I ever have
Living in a great neighborhood in a good city
I have WONDERFUL friends
I am single and get to do whatever I damn well want to do.

I have more than a couple pounds to lose and am worried about my metabolism
I am apprehensive about being a Grown Up and buying my own house
I really don't have as much time as I used to and can't dick around with my career
I am single. Single single single single single. The clock is ticking and I am worried.

At any rate. I am dragging my feet on celebrating this one.

D Money wants to have a conference today to talk about the pending fete, but more and more I am leaning towards a night in with a movie and my favorite threesome: Me hot and heavy in the middle of Ben and Jerry.

That wouldn't do much for my #1 minus, would it?

At any rate. I am pretty blue about the looming 29. I want to buy a crown for myself (I'm normally not the princess type, but I agree a birthday is a perfect occasion to revere yourself as royalty), but other than that I just don't want to crawl out from under the covers December 1st.
If you have any suggestions to perk up my disposition or ideas for a great birthday party (please, no Pin The Tail On The Donkey), I am all ears and boobs.

I do have four days to party though, as the weekend directly after is a four day break for me.

Oh the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Some B-Day ideas for you:

Get dressed up ON YOUR BIRTHDAY and go to dinner/lunch with your friends. Wear your crown. Drink wine. Lots of it.

Spend the weekend out of town with a friend!

Book a massage at a local massage school. 1 hour for just $35 bucks!

Do something you always say you want to do but never have time for.

Write a poem on your birthday and then sign it and date it.

Micah said...

29? P'shaw! You're a mere babe. Call me when you hit 30. :)