Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Three People Away From Scooter Libby

I just learned that if I were playing the Washington version of The Kevin Bacon Game, I'm only three people away from Scooter Libby. Well, three people away from Scooter, Karl, Dick and the whole gang 'o cronies.

Apparently the senior FBI agent in the whole Plamegate investgation lives in my hometown.

Jack Eckenrode is Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's right hand man in the drama. Several years ago he was the head of the FBI in New Haven, and he's quickly climbed up the ladder of agent prominence and is now overseeing the whole fiasco inside the beltway.

My dad called me up Friday and was like "Hey. That Eckenrode guy standing next to Fitzgerald. I had a long talk with him at a graduation party we went to for your sister and some of her friends."

Apparently the guy has a son who graduated with my youngest sister.

Kind of trips my trigger.


Micah said...

Well, I'm distant cousins or something with both Maria Shriver and Al Gore. I very rarely bring that up in casual conversation.

I guess that makes me a Kennedy who loathes the combustible engine.

Kate The Great said...

Micah, that's kind of crazy. Somehow you've got to get yourself written into the will.