Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Martha, Martha, Martha

From Yahoo! News:

After serving five months in jail for lying about a 2001 stock sale, which was followed by nearly six months of house arrest, the lifestyle guru Martha Stewart says she feels resilient.

"I have learned that I really cannot be destroyed."

Kate sez: Hubris what?

Read the rest of the article here, including how she thought she was going to fire The Donald off his Apprentice hit.

Thanks to A Socialite's Life for the heads up.

ps: Truth be told, Kate's turned a corner on Martha. Something about the prison sweats... it seems like it softened her up. I cringe while admiting I actually TiVo both her shows.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, Love your hair. You know, I still kinda like Martha too... Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment.