Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving for 2

My best gal pal D Money and I are homeless for Thanksgiving. That's pretty much par for the course in our line of work, and we've both become accustomed to missing out on those monumental holidays with the family. This time though, things will be a little different.

We're trying our own hand at cooking dinner.

I think I might have to put the fire department on speed dial just in case, but should everything work out as planned (and why shouldn't it?), here's what's on the menu:

Turkey breast (I am not quite ready to try a whole bird)
Mashed potatoes
a green veggie of D's choosing
Cranberry sauce
Stuffing with oysters
Derby Pie

Oh, and the wine. How can I forget the wine. Mulled, chilled, or breathing: we're going to have it all.

This should be interesting.


Miss Cellania said...

You're not exactly homeless if you've got a place to cook. The menu sounds great, but I've been cooking Thanksgiving for at least 20 years and I still wouldn't attempt oyster stuffing! I'm sure the wine will make it a great feast.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kate The Great said...

Miss Cellania!

Thanks for stopping by. You are so right about having a nice place to call home. I guess it is a bit insentitive how we refer to being so far away from family during the holidays.

Yes, this shall be an interesting menu to say the least.


Micah said...

Sounds like a great meal. If it all falls apart, though, you can make the trek to Richmond, VA to share the warmth of my family (and spydrz).

Kate The Great said...

M- Have a great time in VA where things are more civilized.

When do you return to the Buckeye State? D Money and I have cemented plans to head north...

Micah said...

I'll be back on Sunday. You should've received an e-mail regarding my Christmas cocktail party on 12/10 - there's your excuse to make the trip.

Kate The Great said...

I would love going to the fete, but I have to work that Saturday. Boo hoo.

BUT, D and I will be up there the previous weekend. You can help me celebrate my birthday...

Micah said...

Let me know where and when. I promise not to wear tennis shoes.