Friday, August 08, 2008


The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are underway in Beijing as I type.

I have scoured the internets searching for a live video feed of the festivities, but can find nary a site. I guess I must wait with the rest of the nation until NBC chooses to re-broadcast it in primetime.

Instead of taking in all the pyrotechnics, over-the-top costumes and phenomenal performances from my living room, I will be observing 8 pm of 8-8-08 by having dinner with eight friends (well, Bluegrass Brit will only be there in spirit as she is currently visiting her homeland, but I'm goin' with the '8' theme, so work with me on this one...)

We're visiting one of my favorite restaurants in Cincinnati, and I am looking forward to the good food with great friends.

The Chinese chose to open the games today because 8 is a very lucky number in their culture, and this evening presents one of the most lucky moments in the history of the universe.

This evening is the perfect time to revel in the good luck and goodwill circling the globe.

In honor of the occasion, click here to get your own fortune from a virtual fortune cookie.

Mine said Romance is likely, strike up a conversation.

Time to get talkin'.

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Jeregano said...

I got "You learn about another person in the process of teaching them something". Which is a very nice fortune.

It also works well with the ol' high school under the covers game.