Monday, August 04, 2008

Ja, gut!

Time was not working in my favor, at least where the yogurt was concerned.

Mickdizzle and I decided to swing by Yagoot after a quick breeze through the Rookwood TJ Maxx. I didn't know what to tell her about the fro-yo spot near Dr. Mojoe, other than it has ties to Busken, the Cincinnati bakery favorite.

I had picked up a two-fer coupon for Yagoot at the St. Cecilia Festival in Oakley a couple weeks ago (assessment: lots of tramp stamps, rug rats and a few rides that were a couple of loose bolts away from a lawsuit) and had been hanging on for the perfect opportunity.

Today's sweltering heat seemed like just the occasion.

The folks at the counter could read it on our faces before we even had a chance to say hello - we were newbies who hadn't yet had the pleasure of enjoying Yagoot. They said they were going to dish up some samples to help us navigate the mystery of this frozen goodness.

And goodness it is.

Yagoot doesn't have any gluten, is 99% fat free and only has 120 calories per half-cup serving. The heat relief treat also has live active cultures that are great for digestion - just ask any chick who's seen an Activia commercial.

And so this is where the timing comes in to play.

I had every intention of taking a pic of the swirly goodness of my plain Yagoot topped with "crunch," strawberries and raspberries. The cup was a stunning vision of tastebud salvation, unfortunately I could not restrain my spoon from repeatedly diving in to the yogurt and then in to my mouth.

Over and over, it went something like this:

Spoon dives in yogurt cup. Spoon breezes through air and cruises into mouth. Cup. Air. Mouth. Cup. Air. Mouth. "Mmmm thhh s ruuuly gd." Cup. Air. "I mean, really. It is delicious." Mouth.

And on and on and on.

And before I knew it, I was in possession of an empty yogurt cup and no pictures to chronicle the excursion.

So there it is. Yagoot. It's so good it will make you forget your priorities.

Maybe it isn't a good idea to swing by when you're contemplating a major life decison.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

its your sis mickdizzzz...dont worry kate we'll go again and get it and you can take a picture. Once again thanks for the treat! i loved it and I told mom and Daddy all about it and I think I will taking dad by this weekend to try it :-) and now i will have even more reason to stop by rookwood commons other than the usual shopping

Me! said...

My girlfriends and I went there a few weeks back after shopping. I loved it. I had the kiwi and strawberry with the plain. It was surprisingly yummy. Two of the girls wouldn't try it though. But we need something new now that TCBY is gone. I'm not sure if this will catch on in less yuppy areas but I enjoy the concept, and loved the taste.

April said...

I always get mine with strawberries and cocoa pebbles. Yum!
Loved your assesment of the St. C fest. I walked over there for a bit and noticed the same but you're missing one thing..."festival hair". I'll leave that to your imagination but it goes along well with the tramp stamp.

TD said...

I finally tried this stuff and I am addicted! Crazy addicted.