Saturday, August 30, 2008

British Invasion

The ladies hit the town after an evening of cocktails on Zooey's stunning back patio.

The Americans were outnumbered by the Brits, 4-3, thanks to a weekend visit by Bluegrass Brit's dear friend, Fitz.

I think by the end of the evening even I had picked up a bit of an accent.

Mugging for our server at Twist, on 4th Street in Downtown Cincinnati.

Bluegrass Brit and Fitz ordered two bottles of champagne to celebrate the occasion.

The manager was kind enough to send over a complimentary round of shots. The Bazooka tasted just like bubble gum!

Bluegrass Brit, Fitz, KtG and Tank

The prettiest girls to have ever enjoyed a drink at Jerry's Jug House.

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