Sunday, August 10, 2008

Snapshots at Slims

Starter - Walleye and trout ceviche

Entree - Braised pork belly with a stuffed poblano pepper
Let's get a closer look at that phenomenal pork belly...

Mr. G spills some sauce on his shirt, so delicious he decides to lick it off.

Rusty and the Divine Ms. M
Jos, Kat and Dru (notice the many wine glasses - I think we enjoyed seven or eight bottles at dinner!)
Kat and Dru- our evening all started when she won a bet and he was forced to pay up.

M and Jos - we had to take this pic a couple times to get J's smile right.

Say no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. We will not speak of anything that happened at dinner. Ever.

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