Tuesday, August 26, 2008


7:45 am - Wake up late. Why, Why, WHY???

8:25 am - Discover car was towed by the Cincinnati Police Department. Bitches.

8:50 am - Learn from co-worker that boss was desperately needing something I had not yet completed and intended to complete first thing in the morning. Brief eruption of tears while standing on the sidewalk.

9:05 am - Treated rudely by Barrett Paving foreman managing road crew in Oakley. Police proceeded at D2 proceeded to tell me to walk to the cop directing traffic a half mile away. In four-inch heels and a skirt, it wasn't gonna happen. Pissy mood ensues.

9:30 am - Make it to work thanks to a kind co-worker and managed to play catch-up thanks to yet another co-worker.

10:00 am - Enjoy breakfast of strawberries and Crystal Lite while finishing reading long list of emails.

10:30 am - Send media advisory to local news outlets re: big work shindig happening Wednesday.

12:15 - Finish amending script for big shindig.

12:30 - Microwave Lean Cuisine Chicken in Peanut Sauce dish and shovel into mouth.

12:45 pm - Leave to retrieve car from Cincinnati Police impound lot thanks to a third co-worker - at $102 and change, the most expensive lunch I've ever had.

2:00 pm - Department meeting breaking down duties for biggest work event of the year. Discover my responsibilities and pray for nice weather Wednesday afternoon.

3:45 pm - Break down on first day of diet - head to vending machine. Use judgement and decide to go for peanuts instead of candy. Success? Hmmm... debatable.

4:00 pm - Make calls to local news anchor regarding the event she'll be emceeing for us this week.

6:15 pm - Finish working on unexpected assignment and send email re: sniff out other details for said assignment.

6:17 pm - Send email to someone interested in testing four recipes for cookbook project.

6:45 pm - Pack up purse and head out the door - two hours after I originally intend to leave work. Forget iPod in desk drawer - pray cleaning crew doesn't lift it.

6:46 pm - Take unexpected phone call from friend - too distracted or stressed to be engaged. Sorry, Tweak. I was freaking out.

6:54 pm - Make phone call to local boutique re: possibility of designing tablescape for one of the cookbook shoots - this one at the most recognizable landmark in town. Hope the lady calls me back - we want to take these pictures in less than two weeks!

7:00 pm - Stop at Starbucks for first dose of caffeine all day. Girl at counter asks how my day is going - I tell her the stress and caffeine difficiency was making me either very mean or emotional. She serves the ice coffee with a smile and kind condolences.

7:10 pm - Take unexpected phone call re: cookbook and possible photo shoot at one of Cincinnati's most popular destinations of all time. Contact thinks it can work in late September. Score!

7:30 pm - Presentation in front of the junior league board. Reviewed: status of the cookbook development including the photography schedule, tablescape needs, recipe solicitation and plan for testing and general concept of book.

8:30 pm - Dinner at nearby restaurant with cookbook co-chair (and all-around great friend). Discussion: general bitching and current techniques for dieting. I order a veggie burrito and a diet soda. Use every morsel of power to avoid drinking alcohol on a school night (yes, this diet is very ambitious).

9:30 pm - Swing by grocery store to buy $25 bottle of wine for an auction for yet another commitment I have for the Council on Child Abuse. One of the nicest bottles of wine I've ever bought, and I don't even get to drink it. Kind of sucks - remind myself it's all for a good cause.

9:40 pm - Strip down to skivvies and put sweats on. Throw darks in the washer and use my latest technological toy before lacing the sneakers.

10:00 pm - Hit the pavement and go on a walk in the neighborhood.

10:30 pm - Get home just in time to watch Michelle address the convention.

11:20 pm - Throw clothes in dryer.

12:20 am - Finish this post and go to bed.


Amy in Ohio said...

What a day - I'm sending guilt-free cyber-chocolate your way. Hope today is better.

What new technological toy? I must admit, my mind went straight to the gutter!

ShannanB said...

Yikes. Totally crappy day. I am so sorry. Hey - I didn't know you did PR. We'll have to talk shop and swap stories some time!

liz said...

hey, i just found your blog and i love it so i just wanted to say hi! yay cincinnati blogs!

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! Phew!

Denae said...

Ugh. I hope you get some rest hon. You need a va-ca to the West Coast!

Tracey said...

I'm sure if you asked 100 woman if they got the 3.45pm snack craving they would all say yes. I know I do!