Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ice Cream For Breakfast

A pint of Graeter's peach ice cream is the best way to start a day, especially when you're feeling a little puny after a wild night out on the town.

Who knew the Barry Larkin bobblehead night at Great American Ball Park would turn into such a ballyhoo? I won't go in to all the hysterics, but essentially the evening involved good friends, some beer and at least a couple criminal acts.

It's all good until somebody gets hurt or goes to jail, right?

Since eating my pint of ice cream for breakfast, I have managed to cram pad thai (my own recipe) and a barbecue sandwich into my belly. I feel kind of like I am on the road to Fat Bastard's waistline.

Tonight I am in for another baseball game. Who knows what I'll learn there tonight. There is a possibility that hot guy from Friday night will be at the game, so that would really be a home run.

Yeah, there's more that I could say about that situation right now, but for now I think I'll keep it close to my chest. Heh heh.



NB-C said...


Just proise me that while you are learning all of the ins and outs of my sweet baseball that you aren't acting like a "stupid girl." Nat and I need to get up there ASAP to do a baseball intervention!

Kate The Great said...

NB-C- No, I don't think I'm acting like a "stupid girl"... That is so Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

I am really interested in learning the rules of the game so I can understand it better and have something to watch besides the Kiss Cam and the fat asses who wear trucker hats and those Save A Horse Ride a Cowboy t-shirts.

God, that look is hawt.