Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The check engine thing:
No need to pass the hat around for poor, old Kate. At least not yet. My car is likely not going to blow up, as the fine folks at Saab say the light is merely a warning my engine and car computer are not communicating.

Apparently my car will "ride a little rough" until I get it fixed, penciled in for June 30th.

The Ode to a Black Stilletto blah blah thing:
I am without a standing date, once again. It's a long story and, well, since this is my blog I guess I'm entitled to go into it.

  • John says he's "really attracted to me"/"we have great chemistry"/I'm "super smart and know lots of big words"/I'm "beautiful" etc.
  • John says he's surprised he doesn't feel more for me since we've been dating for the past 2 and a half months (but have seen each other only as frequently as once a week and would talk outside of that one other time a week)
  • John just wants to be friends

This is what I think about things:

  • John is expecting a lot out of this relationship up front.
  • There are a few things about John (which I won't divulge here since it's a mute point) that drive me crazy so I shouldn't be all worked up but I guess I am.
  • I'm kind of bummed because I enjoy spending time with him and I don't know whether we'll see each other as frequently.
  • John will definitely regret this someday.
  • There are other fish in the sea and I should look at this as an opportunity to "throw another one back."

I think someday John and I will be able to look back on this and laugh about the time we dated, as I think I could consider him a good friend down the road.

On another note, there are other "irons in the fire" as I like to tell John, and I will inform y'all on a Need To Know basis.

That's all I got right now.

I'm out.


Denae said...

I don't think John should be "an iron in the fire" any longer. Buh-Bye! (Should he read this, sorry John.) Keep in mind Katy, John had several aspects of his personal life you did not like. One being his lack of religious and social tolenrance. You are a live and let live kinda gal and welcoming to everyone. That's why we love ya. Keep on truckin. Those sexy black heels are taking you right to "Mr. Right."

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Hi, my name is Nat and I am your twin. You didn't know it until I joined the blogging world. You and I are potentially separated at birth and it must be pure coincedence that we are traveling through life on some alternate path that happens to mean everything that happens to one person happens to the next.

Well, I will refrain from going postal over this, but Hi. My name is Nat and it really shouldn't surprise you that this John, ARGGGGHHH!, well because this has already happened - just to me - can't believe you didn't think it wouldn't happen with you...

Wink - we need to go out - soon.

Kate The Great said...

Miss Denae! Yes, there are a few things about John that kind of drive me crazy. I think he's a nice guy and am bummed about the situation though, but realize there are plenty of opportunities to be had out there, and I am ready to discover!

Miss Nat, I know! We were totally separated at birth! We were even born several days apart... maybe the hospital lost you and recorded your birthdate wrong!

I remember you going through a similar situation a while back... I think there are just guys out there who aren't ready to commit, and they get skittish when they meet someone whom they like and can't automatically rule out.

We WILL have to get together soon. I am planning on coming to Lex for a baby shower this summer... maybe we can do drinks then?...