Saturday, June 24, 2006

Livin' On A Prayer

Ohh, we're half way there...

From the left: Kelly, Tiffany, Cara Mia, Yours Truly and Lenna

The usual suspects from Local 12 turned out for a little karaoke singin' at the Speak Easy in Northern Kentucky Friday night. What could be better than drinking beer and watching your friends sack up and step up to the mic for their fleeting moment of American Idol?

The Speak Easy is a Tri-State gem in that it's one of those hole in the wall spots with awesome food (Cincinnati Magazine has a feature on the Speak Easy in this month's Cheap Eats article. PS. I love how CM's teaser banner on Google calls it "the quintessential guidebook for the good life in Cincinnati") and low key expectations. No doubt, you will see all kinds of crazy folks at the SE. Some ladies like to let it all, and I mean all, hang out for their nightly forays at the SE. Other crooners dig out their best duds, including big brass buckles and starched, ironed Wranglers.

Last time we went there was this one urban cowboy who had some black t-shirt celebrating the joys of love in the back of a flatbed truck. The cowboy was a big boy, probably 6'4" or so, and easily weighed 250. Of course, there was no more appropriate song for our cowboy crooner than "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," and that's exactly what he belted out when it was his turn.

Cowboy was poured in to his dark denim wranglers, and one of my female co-workers remarked "Those pants are so tight he probably can't sit down in them."

And no, he didn't.

Our crew was especially big last night at the SE. My good buddy Andy (the brother I never had) stepped up to give us his best rendition of Welcome to the Jungle (Bengals fever, anyone?) and Tiff's dad roused the crowd with several country songs including Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. I myself brought out a little bit of Janis and the ever popular, frequently requested Proud Mary. Tina Turner version, complete with the manic leg moving and wild hair waving.

A good time was had by all, indeed.

My night wrapped up quite nicely with the exchanging of digits with a handsome boy from the south side of the Ohio River. He's funny/smart/nice/tall, he looks like Conan O'Brian and he's a great kisser.

That's all I'm saying about that.

I'll keep you posted if anything develops worth reporting.


Me! said...

Sounds like you had a blast there little missy. I've never been to the Speak Easy. I'll have to get a bunch of girls together and check it out. I love karoake. I can't sing a freakin' lick but it doesn't hinder me. (Think of that scene in My Best Friend's Wedding when Cameron Diaz belted out her song.... I'm probably worse!! lol) Thanks for the suggestion

Kate The Great said...


It was a blast. I haven't been to any other karaoke bars in the tri-state, but I always had a great time at a few of the holes in the wall in Lexington. Who cares whether you can sing well or not, it's all good at the SE!

Denae said...

Don't worry. I go to Speak easy to karakoke and I can't carry a tune. Just make sure you're singing with someone else and lip sync. Kate - nothing else about mysterious guy?!

Kate The Great said...

The mysterious guy! Ah yes...

He is really cool.

I am thinking about calling him Biscuit if I talk about him on the blog.

Standby for more details...