Monday, June 05, 2006

Synaptic Meanderings

I had a fabulous time giving my best gal pal a send off. D-Money has left the building, so to speak, and is hanging out this summer in Columbus before she jets off to get edjumakated in Jolly Old London. The big send off was at the Hoffbrauhaus, and there was plenty of beer to be had by all. Hijinks ensued involving your dear Kate and a specific bet that led me to bring out the big cojones and ask someone out. If it sounds like I'm being cryptic, well, I am intentionally. All I know is that I am operating on a premise that the HH is similar to Las Vegas, what happens there stays there, and that's all that needs to be said about that.

Is any of this making any sense? Maybe it's not supposed to...

Anyway, it's going to be tough living without the day in/day out moments that come with Miss Denae, but somehow I'll learn to survive. D-Money intends on spending lots of weekend in Cincinnati and getting in some quality time on my couch, so there are sure to be a few good, wild stories left to celebrate.

In other news:

I don't know why but for some reason one of my favorite songs hit me like a sucker punch, sending me reeling into a sea of long gone memories involving someone I hadn't really thought of in months. Music is funny business. It has a way of drawing us to places and faces of the past, much like the scent of smell (which scientists say is the strongest and most closely associated with memory). I've listened to DMB's Crash album hundreds of times since that time in my life when the music actually meant something to me. Years ago the songs felt like the painful opening of a hard, brown scab. Today #41 reminded me of that time when I used to trick myself into thinking I was in a band with someone I cared about. I guess some things can never be forgotten, they only become a little bit more rosy with time.

The Junior League is calling.

I "made" it into the Cincinnati chapter of the civic group, and I'm really looking forward to it. I think, aside from the opportunity to meet new people and make some friends, the group will also be a wonderful chance to give back some of my time to people and causes who really need it. I'm not really a high roller and don't have a bunch of cash laying around to help out those causes I'd like to, so the league should be a good opportunity pitch in. I am a bit weary about the whole "Stepford" reputation and Sorority for Big Girls philosophy. I'll keep you posted.

Vegas is, well, not really coming together as I planned. D-Money can't come since she's getting ready to move across The Pond, and I don't think my good friend who flies planes for a living can come, either. I am still counting on my sister and brother in law to make the trip to Sin City, but they're still being a bit wishy washy on the whole deal. Bummer. I really wish I had more nailed down by now, as I really don't want to cancel my plans, either.

Further on the horizon, I am planning on a trip to England in October. I really need to start pinching pennies and looking for other opportunities to make some dough for the sojourn.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Dating.

Well, It's still going on. John and I are still dating but I'm really unsure how to define us. I guess we're not really defined as much of anything, though we've seen each other nearly every weekend since April First. I think we're just going slow and taking things as they come.

Three of my mottos in life:
Patience is a virtue.
Good things come to those who wait.
Everything happens for a reason.


NB-C said...


What's up with Vegas? I thought you were going for Runyon's bachelorette thing?

Kate The Great said...

Well, our trips were going to coincide quite nicely. Now I don't know who from my party is still going. I've got to catch up with MacBoob to see if she's still in for the fun...

Are you going? That would be a blast...