Thursday, June 15, 2006

Strange Searching

Lots of people get to my blog randomly. Over the almost two years of posting, I've written about so many random, thought provoking topics. There's likely something that appeals to everyone.

Even you freaky types.

Here's a look through my IP counter at the most recent search results, some of them are interesting. Any repeats indicate the same search from different IP addresses.

my house is dark and my pots are cold
dirty girls
kates random musings
how to get the guy
how to get the guy
junior league provisional
how to get the guy
how to get the guy
ghetto lipstick
sexy blonde bitch
dont waste pretty


The Notorious N.A.T said...

well my fav is "sexy blonde bitch."

it's my goal to be completely blonde by November. i figured i have wasted the better part of my twenties being a brunette or varied shade of auburn, so i've had enough and want to find out if it's true what they say that "blondes really do have more fun."

Kate The Great said...

Nat, I went kind of medium this fall and am gravitating back to my blonde self. I feel more "normal" and attractive when I've got the flaxen streaks.

I like to think I am a brunette in a blonde body...