Friday, June 23, 2006

Live Energy

Call it Purple Haze Without the Odor
Rusted Root at the Duke Energy Center - Samantha Grier of the Cincinnati Post

Cincinnati wanted to open it's brand spankin' new convention center with a bang. A bang of a bongo drum, that is.

The Duke Energy Center flung open its doors for the first time to the general public, and the folks in tie dye and dread locks came in throngs. That's because the city opted to spring for the less obvious but just as enjoyable Rusted Root to christen the Grand Ballroom.

Think back to your days in college or high school (or maybe younger for some of you readers). RR probably made an appearance on one of your mix tapes back in the day, likely their big hig Send Me on My Way.

I know at least I was a big fan.

It's funny. My musical tastes haven't changed much, but my appearance sure has. I don't wear my painstakingly crafted hemp necklaces any more and I can't remember the last time I had a pair of Birkenstocks on my feet (though I'm not opposed to sporting those ugly/comfortable sandals). My style has evolved away from the left of center category to that of something that, well, you'd see at a Junior League meeting. The tie dye was tossed out long ago and I'm not really a fan of collecting any more t-shirts pimping out my favorite concert of the summer.

There I was, thick in the middle of an almost 40 year late Woodstock scene, complete with my teal blue polo shirt (no, I did not pop my collar) and my perfectly coifed hair-do. I felt kind of like a voyeur, watching people in the crowd do their fluid, far out, trance like dancing to the rapid beats of songs I used press repeat to on my CD player.

I started shaking my hips a little bit to groove my way back to my junior year in high school, surrendering my figurative membership to the Preppy Handbook club.

And it felt great.

Who cares what you look like. As long as you have a good time doin' whatever you're doing, it's good in my book.


Me! said...

I thought about attending the event to see Rusted Root. And yes, they were a staple I listened to while in college. And frankly "Send Me On My Way" is still a favorite on my iPod. It' happy music afterall. :-)

Confession: I STILL wear my wornout birks from years ago. The cork is so thin they're pathetic but they're still the most comfortable sandals I ever owned. I just can't seem to part with them.

Micah said...

Rusted Root are still around?! Guess there'll always be a hippie market to support them.

Luckily, I never went through that hippie phase. I've been pretty consistent with my Old J.Gap Republic/Alex P. Keaton presence. Although I don't quite share Cartman's disdain, I do find them quite

Kate The Great said...

Micah- yes, and their songs all pretty much sound the same.

I wasn't really much of a full on hippie. I was more like what most Connecticut kids are when they're in high school. Wanting to be anything other than white bread...