Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy

That's always what I thought Cameron was saying at the ballpark in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (a cinematic classic and a must for any child of the 80s or those who want to act like they actually know about the 80s). I was just informed by Double Platinum that I was wrong. Apparently it was "He can't hit. He can't hit. He can't hit."


I am so ready for some baseball.

Kate the Great is getting ready for a little glove love tonight at the Great American Ball Park. The Reds are taking on the (wait, let me look at the ticket)... Oh yeah, the Kansas City Royals.

I love baseball. I really don't know so much about the rules n' stuff (Big Blue Blood had to stop my applause when I mistakenly started clapping for the Cubbies at my last game), but I sure am into the crowd antics, the big screen entertainment and all the thug songs the baseball players pick before they step up to bat.

I, for one, would pick In Da Club by the prolific 50 Cent if I were a professional baseballer.

But I guess that's another dream for another day.

One other thing I love about the ballpark: the food. Now, I am as big a fan as you will find for edamame (those wacky soybean pods with the yummy beans inside), but I've got to cry foul about that stuff being sold along side cheesy nachos and peanuts.

And don't even get me started about those big, hot weiners (this is an inside joke that all you dirty people may not get).

Another great thing about Cincinnati's ballpark is the beer. Okay, okay. You can probably find brew at every ballpark in the country, but Cincinnati's a beer drinking town so there's a special prerequisite that every baseball fan must be drinking at least one beer at all times.

I've got no problem adhering to that rule.

And don't forget about Cincinnati's storied connection to the 7th Inning Stretch. Legend says it was William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States and Cincinnati native who gave birth to this long standing baseball tradition.

Who knew a 300 pound man would want to get up out of his seat and give his legs a workout?

Tonight's game isn't the only one on my calendar. I'm heading to the Florence Freedom (smaller tri-state team that offers up the ever popular Thirsty Thursday dollar drafts) later this week for some minor league action. Hey, it's the perfect place to be social the day before payday...



Micah said...

"Kennedy"? Oh, jeez. I'll let it slide since you're a chick.

My entrance music? Yep, that's right - "Miss Independent".

Hope the game was fun. I'm still wanting to take my nephews up to DC to catch a Nats game. It's not even mid-season yet, so I've got time.

NB-C said...

Yes, I have the same love of the game...as has been well-documented on my blog. We are flying to St. Louis to see their new park on Saturday. They are playing the Royals as well....which, considering their record, won't prove for a good game, but at least they'll have beer...too bad I probably WON'T be able to find a Miller Lite in Busch Stadium!

Kate The Great said...

NB-C... you are just collecting parks left and right, aren't you?

One thing I am dying to hear - how was Fenway?

I've always wanted to go there and Wrigley.

Two storied fields full of tradition, in awesome towns.

Did you get to drink much beer in Boston? I am eagerly anticipating a blog update...

NB-C said...

I updated the blog on Monday...you'll need to check it out!

Kate The Great said...

Loved your post about Beantown. Like I said, I am fizzling with jealousy right now...

Tell me about the trip to St. Louis after you go there. I sure hope you're going up in the Arch... I am really curious about how the elevators work there.

I am such a dork...