Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday's Top Ten (A Day Late, Again)

Top Ten Things In My Purse (And Related Weblinks)

10. USA Today article on Chick Lit. It's like a Summer Vacation for the mind. I am definitely going to need something light to read after toiling over A Million Little Pieces (which is rough to get through and totally disgusting. I'm sooo over it, but forcing myself to plow through. Yes, I am so behind the rest of the literary crowd, but at least I'm not reading The DaVinci Code.)

9. A business card for Joanne Honschopp. She does the most incredible artwork showcasing Cincinnati's landmarks. Think Fountain Square, Mount Adams, the Roebling bridge. Stunning pieces. It's worth looking at her website.

8. A receipt for my car payment, which I paid eight days late (but still scraped by that 10 day grace period). I was waiting to see if I had some pressing engine exploding kind of car trouble. Now the HSBC car loan shark flunkies can stay off my back a little longer.

7. Smith's Rosebud Salve. It's the best lip balm (and cuticle moisturizer) a girl can buy. Rumor has it the stuff comes in other flavors/scents but that has yet to be confirmed by yours truly. One thing I do know: Sephora at Kenwood Towne Center has it in stock.

6. A fruit masher courtesy of Koggen, a microbrew from Boston. The plastic masher is used to squeeze the juice out of the orange slice served with the beer (which is very similar to a Blue Moon, for you brew connoisseurs). I've had the masher in my purse since April and haven't had the heart to toss it. You never know when a good orange masher will come in handy.

5. My Olympus digital camera. It's small enough to tote around (it even fits in some of my smaller going out purses) for your day-in day-out photography whims.

4. Tampons. I'm a chick. Do you really need an explanation?

3. My Coach sunglasses. I want to graduate to a great pair of Gucci sunglasses I saw on Amazon for a hundred bucks. Check it out.

2. My cell phone. I'm one of those anti-landline kind of people, so my cellie is my lifeline. I don't intend on ever changing my phone number, that way my friends (and those loan shark flunkies) will always be able to reach me. I have Sprint PCS and I hate my service. I can't remember how long I'm locked in for - I need to investigate that because the service in my part of Cincinnati totally blows.

1. My planner. I never know what's going on until I consult my bible. My particular version can also solve dilemmas including
  • How to treat a bullet or knife wound.
  • How to stop a car with failed brakes.
  • How to survive a hostage situation.

In a measure related to that last bullet point, Newsweek has recanted it's original, 1986 statement that a 40 year old woman was more likely to be killed by a terrorist than get married.

Oh joy.


Denae said...

The Koggen fruit masher can come in handy at times you'd least expect it. Maybe standing at the counter of Gold's Gym after your locker has been cleaned out...

Kate The Great said...

Oh, but a henchwoman is far more effective!