Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pack Your Bags

I've mentioned it before - I struggle with a horrible case of wonderlust.

Here's a look at the short list of places I'm considering for my vacation next fall.

Anyone wanna come along?

The bright lights of Tokyo

The European influences in Buenos Aires

The beaches and culture of Rio de Janiero


Denae said...

I would die to go to any of these places. Sorry I can't commit to anything too swank this year though, my gorgeous travel partner. I have save EVERY penny and pay off all credit. Thank you again for the glorious adventure to Amsterdam. What a treat!!! I must say it was one of my favorite destinations this year. xx 2009 we def must go somewhere together - Spain, snow skiing in Switzerland, Hawaii???

WestEnder said...

Can't go wrong with any of those.

I met a well-traveled couple in China and asked them what their favorite places were. Istanbul and Petra.

My parents are more "tourists" than "travelers" but they've been all over as well. Their favorite: Canadian Rockies.