Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trolling YouTube So You Don't Have To

I normally don't watch American Idol, but I did happen to catch this dude singing in this week's auditions from Dallas. I don't know what is more weird - his undying love for Simon or the strange getup he wore for the audition.

Mitt Romney and the Reporter - a friendly little banter at the presidential candidate's press conference (is it inside a Staples store??). It was two notches away from reaching catfight status. Rreeer!

For my brother-from-another-mother, Double Platinum, here's a guy who loves ice skating as much as you.

If Hillary doesn't make it to the White House, it looks like she's got the makings for a new career in the friendly skies.

And last but certainly not least - did a British advertising agency really think this raunchy ad would be fit for air?

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